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Bloodlines Audiobooks Series

Bloodlines Audiobooks series is a series by Richelle Mead. It is a spin-off of Mead’s Vampire Academy series.

The audiobooks follow alchemist Sydney Sage. After the incident with Rose and Dimitri, Sydney is being closely watched by the Alchemists (humans who help keep the vampire world a secret). They reluctantly entrusted her to be the main part in a cover-up plan to keep Princess Jillian Dragomir (Queen Vasilisa’s recently found little sister) safe from the Moroi rebels who want to undermine the Queen’s rule by assassinating her little sister.

You may love to listen to all stories of Bloodlines Audiobooks series by Richelle Mead following this order:

Bloodlines Audiobooks Series by James Dashner
Bloodlines Audiobooks Series by James Dashner
  1. Bloodlines Audiobook
  2. The Golden Lily Audiobook
  3. The Indigo Spell Audiobook
  4. The Fiery Heart Audiobook
  5. Silver Shadows Audiobook
  6. The Ruby Circle Audiobook
The Ruby Circle Audiobook Free Download

The Ruby Circle Audiobook – Bloodlines #6

The Ruby Circle Audiobook by James DashnerThe Ruby Circle is the sixth and last audiobook in Richelle Mead's Bloodlines Audiobooks Series. While it is...
Silver Shadows Audiobook Free Download

Silver Shadows Audiobook – Bloodlines #5

Silver Shadows Audiobook by James DashnerSilver Shadows is the fifth audiobook in Richelle Mead's spin-off series Bloodlines. The audiobook will continue with the narrators...
The Fiery Heart Audiobook Free Download

The Fiery Heart Audiobook – Bloodlines #4

The Fiery Heart Audiobook by James DashnerThe Fiery Heart is the fourth audiobook in Richelle Mead's Bloodlines Audiobooks series. While not quite as good as...
The Indigo Spell Audiobook Free Download

The Indigo Spell Audiobook – Bloodlines #3

The Indigo Spell Audiobook by James DashnerThe Indigo Spell is the third audiobook in Richelle Mead's Bloodlines Audiobooks series. Fans of Twilight Audiobook and...
The Golden Lily Audiobook Free Download

The Golden Lily Audiobook – Bloodlines #2

The Golden Lily Audiobook by James DashnerThe Golden Lily is an urban fantasy young adult audiobook by New York Times bestselling author Richelle Mead...
Bloodlines Audiobook Free Download

Bloodlines Audiobook – Bloodlines #1

Bloodlines Audiobook by James DashnerBloodlines is the first audiobook in the spin-off series of the Bloodlines Audiobooks series by American author Richelle Mead, that set...