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I was excited when I heard that John Ringo was going to be writing books in Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter Audiobook series. Monster Hunter Memoirs Audiobook is the (mostly) true story of the life and times of one of MHI’s most effective – and flamboyant – hunters. Pro-tips for up and coming hunters range from how to dress appropriately for jogging (low-profile body armor and multiple weapons) to how to develop contacts among the Japanese yakuza, to why it’s not a good idea to make billy goat jokes to trolls.

Monster Hunter Memoirs Grung Audiobook Free
Monster Hunter Memoirs Grung Audiobook Free

Monster Hunter Memoirs – Grunge Audiobook Free is set in the early to mid-1980s and follows Oliver Chadwick Gardenier (or just “Chad”) as he goes from being an active United States Marine to monster hunting. After training at the main Monster Hunter International headquarters in Alabama, he is assigned to the team working out of Seattle, Washington.

The plot of Monster Hunter Memoirs: Grung Audiobook

When Marine Private Oliver Chadwick Gardenier is killed in the Marine barrack bombing in Beirut, somebody who might be Saint Peter gives him a choice: Go to Heaven, which while nice might be a little boring, or return to Earth. The Boss has a mission for him and he’s to look for a sign. He’s a Marine: He’ll choose the mission.

Unfortunately, the sign he’s to look for is “57.” Which, given the food services contract in Bethesda Hospital, creates some difficulty. Eventually, it appears that God’s will is for Chad to join a group called “Monster Hunters International” and protect people from things that go bump in the night. From there, things trend downhill.

Grunge harkens back to the Golden Days of Monster Hunting when Reagan was in office, Ray and Susan Shackleford were top hunters and Seattle sushi was authentic.

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Listen and download Monster Hunter Memoirs Grung Audiobook Free
Listen and download Monster Hunter Memoirs Grung Audiobook Free

One of my favorite parts in Monster Hunter Memoirs: Grung Audiobook was how Ringo incorporated obvious jabs at existing companies. My favorite of these scenes was the one involving the software company Microtel. Ringo had great fun skewering the software giant and how it really came up with all its innovations. All kidding aside, the way Quality Control works at Microtel is not all that different from reality. Sometimes it is literally hell.

This is a great addition to the Monster Hunter canon. Everything I expected in it was there, and both Correia and Ringo did a great job capturing my imagination and running with it till the end of the story. I listened to Monster Hunter Memoirs: Grung Audiobook free within 16 hours of receiving it (I did have to sleep partway through so I would be functional at work). If you have liked previous works by either author, you will enjoy this one. Great fun all around!


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