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Angel Fire East Audiobook Free Online Streaming by Terry Brooks

About Angel Fire East Audiobook

Angel Fire East Audiobook Free Download
Angel Fire East Audiobook Free Download

Angel Fire East Audiobook is a fantasy novel by American writer Terry Brooks, the third and final novel in the Word & Void series, a prequel to his Shannara series.

The novel takes place around Christmas in 2012, ten years after the events of A Knight of the Word. The story returns to the town of Hopewell, Illinois as Nest Freemark and John Ross attempt to unlock potentially world-altering magic.

About The Word and the Void

The Word & Void series (also called The Word and The Void) focuses on John Ross and Nest Freemark, forced acquaintances who use magic given to them from the Word to prevent mankind from being overcome by the demonic forces of the Void.

It follows Nest Freemark, a girl with magical abilities who has no known relationship to any Shannara character. Before the publication of Armageddon’s Children, it was unclear whether this trilogy existed within the Shannara universe. It has since been revealed as the “ultimate prequel” to the Shannara novels.

Plot Summary

When Running with the Demon appeared, it was recognized at once as a masterpiece in the making, a bold departure that promised to revitalize contemporary urban fantasy and showcase Terry Brooks’ vast storytelling gifts as never before. The second book of the series, A Knight of the Word, raised expectations even higher. Now, in Angel Fire East, sure to be hailed as his most ambitious, most accomplished work yet, Terry Brooks brings his best-selling epic trilogy of good and evil to an unforgettable close.

As a Knight of the Word, John Ross has struggled against the tireless dark forces of the Void for 25 years. A rootless wanderer scarred as deeply by the magic he wields as by the unspeakable horrors he has witnessed in its service, Ross is driven by dreams that show the world reduced to blood and ashes by the Void and its minions. The grim futures he dreams each night will come true unless he can stop them now, in the present. But for all his power, John Ross is only one man, while the demons he hunts – and which hunt him in turn – are legion.

Then Ross learns of the birth of a gypsy morph, a rare and dangerous creature formed of wild magic spontaneously knit together. If he can discover its secret, the morph could be an invaluable weapon against the Void. But the Void, too, knows the value of the morph and will not rest until the creature has been corrupted – or destroyed.

Desperate, Ross returns to the town of Hopewell, Illinois, home of Nest Freemark, a young woman with magical abilities of her own. Twice before, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance, the lives of Ross and Nest have intersected. Together they have prevailed.

But now they face an ancient evil beyond anything they have ever encountered, for a demon of ruthless intelligence and feral cunning awaits them in Hopewell. As a firestorm of good and evil erupts, threatening to consume lives and shatter dreams, Ross and Nest have but a single chance to solve the mystery of the gypsy morph – and of their own profound connection.

Audiobook review

Nice ending to the trilogy.

What this book had that was better than the first two: Villains. Sinister, creepy villains. Not the cookie-cutter bad demons from the first two. Findo Gask and Penny Dreadful were wickedly delicious. Had to love Twitch too, and the whatever-it-was shadow thing (ur’droch).

Again, the author keeps giving us little bits of information about the Word, the Void and slowly entering concepts in a way that doesn’t overwhelm and feels more like a gradual diffusion of information instead of a lecture on magic and lore, which made it quite enjoyable to listen.

This was easily, in my opinion, the best of the three novels. I could not put it down, and as a consequence I am writing this review, clinging to my coffee mug trying to keep my eyes open, and I regret nothing.

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Terry Brooks – Angel Fire East is now available in audible format, mp3 is about 12 hrs and 33 mins long, yet the narration by Mark Deakins is so enticing that you get hooked instantly and keep you up the whole way listening!

Narrated by: Mark Deakins
Series: Word and the Void, Book 3
Length: 12 hrs and 33 mins

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