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About The Hunger Games Audiobook

This popular Young Adult+ trilogy is a very descriptive, well-written, and occasionally humorous set of stories. There is a bit of irony, too, on hearing the full story. It’s a coming of age tale for a teenage girl who has a younger sister and who has lost her father to a mining accident and her mother to debilitating depression after losing her husband.

Things that stand out in the story are the main character’s constantly questioning nature, her roller coasting self-reflecting emotional confusion, her blind bravery, and finally her acceptance of her feelings and reality. A good summation of the teenage years for many.

The entire series is recommended listening. Suzanne Collins is the author of The Hunger Games Audiobook with very good narration provided solely by Carolyn McCormick, includes:

1. Hunger Games Audiobook

2. Catching Fire Audiobook

3. Mockingjay audiobook

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