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What is The Great Hunt Audiobook?

The Great Hunt Audiobook free is the second audiobook of The Wheel of Time Audiobook free fantasy series written by American author Robert Jordan. This majority book was originally intended to be part of book 1, however, Jordan soon realized how huge the novel would have been, he found a good place to split the novels.

Unlike The Eye of the World Audiobook, which read simply like fantasy’s 500th uninspired Tolkien rewrite, The Great Hunt Audiobook shows Jordan owning up to the Professor’s influence and getting serious about using it as a springboard for his own ideas. And, not surprisingly, the book’s best scenes are those in which Jordan turns his full attention upon a concept that is more original (all things being relative) to himself: the Aes Sedai and their harsh training methods; those mysterious carved stones. In these scenes Jordan shines, and one has a real investment in his story.

Listen and download The Great Hunt Audiobook Free - Wheel of Time book 2
Listen and download The Great Hunt Audiobook Free – Wheel of Time book 2

The plot of The Great Hunt Audiobook

The story starts a month or so after the event of the Eye of the World. Rand has his first encounter with the Amyrlin Seat and all manner of fun ensues.

Padan Fain leads the way for the bad guys in this novel; his character over the series that I love, an absolute nut job, reading his scenes is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. What Jordan does with Fain is show that the story arc is never going to be black and white, but all shade of grey as well. Like the Eye of the World, this book builds up to the main turning point, something sadly lacking later in the series.

Why should you listen to The Great Hunt Audiobook right now?

Written by: Robert Jordan
Narrated by: Kate Reading , Michael Kramer
Length: 26 hrs and 8 mins
Series: The Wheel of Time Audiobook, Book 2
Publisher: Macmillan Audio

If you’ve read these books you should definitely listen to them. The performance is amazing. The way in which introduces new characters is always varied from rumours to acquaintances, something that he tends to do very well, and in all fairness he needs to, like the first book we are introduced to even more characters, some who will fall by the wayside but not forgotten and some with become catalyst and agonists for future storylines.

The Great Hunt Audiobook Free starts to get the main players for future books into the story, from the strange invaders from across the Aryth Ocean and the Black Ajah to Mat and Perrin stepping up to the forefront of events.

Overall this a wonderful second audiobook, much like the first and definitely a must-listen for all fantasy fans.

The Great Hunt Audiobook Free – The Wheel of Time 2 – END

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