Blood of Elves Audiobook Online Streaming – The Witcher #1


Blood of Elves Audiobook Free

Blood of Elves Audiobook free download - The witcher #1
Blood of Elves Audiobook free download – The witcher #1

Chronologically, it is the third in the Witcher Saga but technically the first novel. Blood of elves audiobook is the audio adaptation of the original book by Andrzej Sapowski who is a Polish writer.

People who have seen the movie Hexer or played Witcher Saga video games would be well aware of Sapowski and his amazing creative work.

Plot Summary

Blood of elves audiobook free revolves around Geralt of Rivia as the main character. Geralt is a witcher, which means that he kills monsters for a living. The time of peace is over and humans, gnomes, elves, and dwarves, who have been living in harmony for ages, have started warring.

Prior to this, the empire of Nilfgaard attacks and defeats the Kingdom of Cintra. The following events lead to chaos and discontent among all parties. People are predicting the end to be nearing unless a ray of hope emerges from the South.

In testing times like these, a princess is born. This princess is Ciri, the daughter of Queen Calanthe of Cintra who lost the war to the Nilfgaard Empire. According to prophecies, she is called the Flame. She is the one who would save the World. What makes her special is the fact that she has royal blood and blood of elves running through her body. She is what the world had been looking for, to bring back the peace and save the World.

Aware of this fact, the emperor of the North wants to marry Ciri to gain control over the territories of Cintra. On the other hand, monarchs want to see her dead to prevent the North from taking over Cintra.

Due to the situation, she finds herself in, Ciri hires Geralt of Rivia for protection. Geralt, who is a witcher, is a monster killer. To keep Ciri protected, he takes her to Kaer Morhen, the lodging for witchers. There, she is trained by other witchers to harvest her powers and abilities. She is taught ways of fighting monsters and also taught about the different type of monsters out there. She also becomes aware of the fact that she has amazing talents and superhuman abilities.

After her learning there, she leaves Kaer Morhen with Geralt for further learning. She becomes a student of Yennefer, who teaches her the ways of magic. Over time, Ciri and Yennefer develop a very strong bond.

Audiobook Review

The Witcher - Blood of Elves Audiobook Online Streaming
The Witcher – Blood of Elves Audiobook Online Streaming

Blood of elves audiobook mp3 is wonderful. The development of characters is very defined. Overall, the story progresses quite quick as well. The major difference between Blood of elves and other books is that the story involves major parts from other characters than Geralt. In the previous novels, Geralt was always the center of attention. In my opinion, though, the parts where Geralt is not the center, are a little slow and dull.

One drawback that I felt was that the writing style seems a little off and difficult to comprehend sometimes. It is partly because the original book was written in Polish and translated into English. Nevertheless, it is worth a read and listens.


The audiobook was narrated by Peter Kenny, who is an award-winning narrator. He did a fantastic job with this book. The highs and lows were perfect, and his voiceover was uncanny to the personalities of the characters.


Andrzej Sapkowski is a Polish writer. He is well-known for his Witcher Saga. In fact, it was such a success that it had a movie and a video game made. The book was also translated into over 20 languages.

Download and Listen

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