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About Stephen King Author

Stephen Edwin King was born on September 21st, 1947. He is one of the most well-renowned writers in the world. King is an author of science fiction, horror, supernatural and, fantasy Stephen King audiobooks. Famous in both the literature and the media world, Stephen King’s books have been sold to more than an amount of 350 million copies.

Many of these books have been converted to various media adaptations such as movies, audiobooks, television shows, and, comic books. An interesting fact to note is that seven of these books have been written under a different name, or rather, a pen name called Richard Bachman.

The Beginning of King’s Career

Stephen King wrote and sold his first story named “The Glass Floor” in 1967. However, it was not until 1973 that King’s first novel was published by one of America’s biggest publishing houses, “Doubleday”. This legendary novel was Carrie (audiobook free) and although it was King’s fourth written novel, it was the first one to be published.

Now Carrie has been the subject of several TV and movie adaptations with some being as recent as 2013. This famous novel has also had various audiobooks published online with many different narrators. Carrie audiobook free was the piece that kickstarted King’s career and later became one of the most important works in the horror genre.

After Carrie audiobook placed King on the map, more of his novels began to be published. In 1975, Stephen King’s Salem Lot was published and two years after in 1977, the novel with a popular movie adaptation, The Shining was published.

More Recent Stephen King Audiobooks

One of Stephen King’s more recent pieces that also was adopted into a horror movie is called IT. This novel was originally published in 1986, but, only began to gain popularity after a movie with the same name was announced. The IT movie managed to gross over USD$ 700 million at the box office and got a sequel that is currently in works.

Critics’ Reviews

Gaining very positive responses from several critics, King has also, once in a while, received some negative reviews on his pieces. Best Stephen King audiobooks.

On some occasions, critics have said that Stephen King’s most popular, horror novels are actually his worst. Commenting on King’s style of writing, one specific critic said that his works are mainly bloated and illogical as well as very overemotional.

Another individual criticized King’s lifetime achievement award at the National Book Awards stating that King’s novels were not literature and that King was a writer of cheap, small-based work.

King, however, always remained more focused on the positive responses some of which would prove to be very helpful. An editor’s review on King’s short story collection, A Century of Great Suspense Stories, stated that King singlehandedly helped fiction become a favorite genre in the adult world.

Awards and Achievements

Beginning from 1978 till the present time, Stephen King has received an uncountable number of awards for his contribution to the world of literature.

Some popular awards that Stephen King has received are the Bram Stroker Awards, Brtish Fantasy Society Awards and the World Fantasy Awards. The “King of Horror” has also received various other awards and achievement. One of these was an award for his novel IT Audiobook, at the British Fantasy Society Awards in 1987.

Furthermore, King has also received several awards for his popular novel Bag of Bones Audiobook which was published in 1998.

King has received Bram Stoker Awards, World Fantasy Awards, and British Fantasy Society Awards.

Stephen King’s Audiobooks

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