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Brave Like That Audiobook by Lindsey Stoddard

Brave Like That Audiobook Free Download
Brave Like That Audiobook Free Download

Brave Like That is a great children’s audiobook of Lindsey Stoddard. Lauded as “remarkable” by the New York Times Book Review, this heartfelt stories continue to garner critical acclaim, and her latest novel will have fans new and old rooting for Cyrus and Parker’s special bond and the courage it helps them both to find.

In Brave Like That Audiobook free, author Lindsey Stoddard creates a grounded and authentic story that illustrates how being brave doesn’t always mean running into burning buildings or being the leader of the A-team.

Plot Summary

Cyrus was just a baby when he was left on the steps of the Northfield firehouse. But growing up surrounded by heroes didn’t make Cyrus brave like his firefighter, football star dad or the firefighters who helped raise him.

Instead, he’s as skittish and scared as the stray dog who parks his head on Cyrus’s shoulder and earns the perfect name— Parker.

Cyrus’s dad’s strict no-pet rule means Parker can’t stay. With football tryouts around the corner, a dog would only be a distraction.

But a distraction is exactly what Cyrus wants: from the fact that he’s the only sixth grader who can’t read a whole book by himself, from the way his two best friends are treating the new kid, and from how he’d rather tap his feet to a record than score enough touchdowns to break one.

Cyrus feels as out of place as the stray dog who captured his heart. But if fitting in means pretending to be someone he’s not, maybe this is the year Cyrus can decide to be his own kind of normal – and there’s nothing braver than that.

Audiobook Reviews

Brave Like That Audiobook Mp3 is the same kind of feel-good, heartwarming, uplifting book as Wonder. Brave Like That is utterly delightful to read and I can’t wait to share this with our middle-grade readers.

This audiobook is a nuanced and realistic story of a boy realizing that what he wants for himself is different than what other people may want for him. Cyrus’ sensitive first-person narration is effortlessly constructed and will draw readers into his thoughts and feelings from the very first page.

Lindsey Stoddard creates a highly relatable character in Cyrus Olson then puts him on a perfectly paced journey of the heart. Destination: the bravery to reveal his most authentic self to the people he loves.

It is so easy to listen, the story just unfolds and I didn’t want to put it down. There are so many important messages in this book and while they are pretty clearly outlined by Cyrus, the book doesn’t feel self-righteous.

Stoddard treads familiar middle-grade territory, addressing evergreen themes of friendship and loyalty, but Cyrus’ warm and supportive relationships at the firehouse and his family’s unwavering love make the story shine. Put Brave Like That into the hands of any reader struggling to figure out who they really want to be, and it’ll show them that being yourself is the bravest, if sometimes the hardest, thing you can do.

Download and Listen free

Lindsey Stoddard – Brave Like That is now available in audible format, almost 5.5 hrs long, the narration by Andrew Eiden, is so enticing that you get hooked instantly.

Narrated by: Andrew Eiden
Length: 5 hrs and 30 mins
Categories: Children’s Audiobooks, Animals & Nature

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