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Captain Marvel: Liberation Run Audiobook Free

An all-new original novel in which the most powerful hero in the Marvel Universe must free Inhuman slaves imprisoned on a distant world.

Marvel had finally delivered a superheroine as powerful (if not more so) than Wonder Woman, who was also full of hope and love. Captain Marvel – Liberation Run Audiobook is one of the first YA novels to come from Marvel’s new deal with Titan Books.

Captain Marvel - Liberation Run Audiobook Free Download
Captain Marvel – Liberation Run Audiobook Free Download

Even though it is timed to coincide with Captain Marvel’s film debut, this audiobook is adapted from the comic universe. Carol is the main character, but we also meet many characters from the comics: the Inhuman Queen Medusa, Cassie Lang and Ant-Man, Mantis, the totally awesome Hulk, Amadeus Cho, and a new-to-me character, Hepzibah.

Plot Summary


The craft’s pilot is a young Inhuman woman, part of a group who rejected that society’s caste system and left for the stars in search of a new life. What they found, however, was imprisonment on a planet where Inhumans are treated like currency, and possession of an Inhuman girl brings great power and influence. To refuse means death, and Rhi has risked everything to seek help.

Horrified by the picture the young woman paints, Carol pledges to accompany her back to the planet and pulls together a team of heroes to help. Joined by Ant-Man, Mantis, and Amadeus Cho, Carol and Rhi set out to free her family, her people, and an entire world.


TESS SHARPE is the author of Barbed Wire Heart and the critically-acclaimed Young Adult novel, Far From You. She is also the co-editor, along with Jessica Spotswood, of Toil & Trouble, a feminist Young Adult anthology about witches.


Captain Marvel – Liberation Run Audiobook Mp3 is awesome! It is both feminist and queer positive. I enjoyed every minute of the novel, as it is so satisfying to read about women rising above misogyny.

There are characters I knew and already loved from the movies, comic characters who haven’t made their film debut yet, and original characters that made up a loveable main group.

I fell in love with Carol Danvers during Kelly Sue DeConnick’s redefining run. I liked her new costume, her new outlook and her unabashed joy of flying.

One of my favorite audiobooks I’ve listened in a long time!

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