Return of the High Fae Audiobook – Vegas Fae #1


Return of the High Fae Audiobook Streaming Online By Tom Keller

Return of the High Fae Audiobook Free Download
Return of the High Fae Audiobook Free Download

Return of the High Fae Audiobook is the first book in the Vegas Fae Audiobook series by Tom Keller.

Retired policeman, Robert Hoskins, now a PI in Las Vegas sets out to do a process serve a simple job or it should be. As he awaits to serve papers a gentleman comes out of the building he’s wathcing and is attacked. Robert reverting to his cop days jumps right in to help. The attackers caring lasers, or so it seems, shoot a charge at Robert and hit him. This starts his adventures into a world he never dreamed existed.

Plot Summary

Ex-Cop turned Private Investigator Robert Hoskins always enjoyed the stories his grandmother told him as a child, stories of the Dryad that lived in the tree, the Faeries in the garden, and the magical world that was created in his imagination. He always enjoyed them; he just never thought that they were true. Robert’s childhood world of magic becomes real when a chance encounter with a local casino mob boss introduces him to the world he was born into, the world that was hidden from him, the world of the Fae. But he’s not easily convinced.

From disbelief to acceptance, Robert encounters a variety of mythical beings. From Faeries and Norse legends to the Oracle at Delphi, from Mermaids to Werewolves to everything in between, Robert’s world has definitely changed. While his path through that world appears chosen he soon learns that the beings that reside in the world of his grandmother’s stories aren’t that much different than those of the mortal world. Good and evil still battle one another and it’s time to take sides.

What should Robert do when the world around him stops making sense? When he has to find out from a Dwarf that his dog is descended from Fae hunting dogs. When he knows that corporations and even the mob don’t run Vegas, it’s the Fae. When the prettiest girls he meets are over 3,000 years old and some of them drink blood. And that stripper, is she really a Faery? Let’s not even go there. What should Robert do when he learns that strength in his new world is measured in magic, and he doesn’t have a clue how to wield it?

Do Demons, Gods, Elves, and Faeries really exist? Are Vampires truly the children of Lilith? Robert didn’t believe it at first either.

About the Author

Tom Keller is a retired cop and former computer forensic expert who’s also spent time as a Federal Public Defender investigator. Back in the early days he was a busboy, a cook, and a shoe and real estate salesman. He’s taught courses at the local Community College as well as lectured to others in his field on a variety of topics.

Audiobook Reviews

Story: This story was a quick and enjoyable easy listen, but don’t expect too much. It might be for fans of series like the Dresden Files, but nowhere near the same quality. The writer says way too many times throughout the book “like something out of a bad story” or “like something out of a bad movie”, which just makes me think well maybe this is a bad story.

I thought overall that how the character handled all the new information and finding out more about himself was reasonably realistic and practical – he did not completely freak out like a younger or less experienced person might, and kept his head in all situations.

The story is fast, fun, and full of excitement. I love a book where you can buy into the character right away. You know who he is and the kind of person he is. Then he starts finding out about himself secrets that have been hidden from him and he’s got to deal with the changes not only in himself but in his physical world.

Narrator: The narration by Andrew Roth was very good making the audio experience that much more enjoyable.

I was impressed enough with this first book in the series to take a chance with book 2 when it’s released.

Download and Listen Free!

Narrated by: Andrew Troth
Series: Vegas Fae Stories, Book 2
Length: 8 hrs and 30 mins
Categories: Mysteries & Thrillers

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