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The Stone in the Skull Audiobook Free Download and Listen
The Stone in the Skull Audiobook Free Download and Listen

The author, Elizabeth Skull, is renowned for Eternal Sky trilogy. There are multiple audiobooks in a series that define Bear’s understanding and experience in various genres. The novel is popular for a unique reason; it is complex and a bit hard for some people to understand. If you have encountered problems with novels, you should not expect any issue with Elizabeth’s novels.

The Stone in the Skull Audiobook Mp3 is carefully structured. By the time you get to the 10th page, you will agree that the author put in much thought in planning the plot. The finishing is incomparable even to her other novels. While she is renowned for the epic finishes, this novel has an elegant conclusion. On its launch, most people were skeptic about its quality with standards of the author’s previous publications, but The Stone in the Skull Audiobook Free proved nothing less of elegance from cover to cover.

The author simply never disappoints!

Plot Summary

The most powerful wizard in the Sarathai-tia carries a very important message to the human world. Gage and Dead Man are the two instruments of communication from the mystical world. They help in linking the mortal and immortal. While the author does not specify the physical characteristics of the two; Gage is brass automation, which was a human being in the previous world. It is now in a deathless kind of life with a Wizard of Messaline. On the other hand, the Dead Man is a previous bodyguard of the Uthman Caliph. The name “Dead Man” is depicted from his previous loss.

The two spend most of the time together as messengers of the gods. They have to go through dangerous paths in the middle of spirit wars, but they are protected by the most powerful spirit in the land hence consistent interaction between the two worlds. Sarathai-tia is among the famous Lotus Kingdoms. The day is characterized by black sun while the day is bright with a river of stars. While several Lotus Kingdoms seem to be competing for resources and power, they were once united. The Alchemical Emperor with most of the descendants are not contented with resources and kind of leadership hence living as separate entities.

Some of the messengers and rulers face threats from both sides of the camp. Mrithuri, for instance, is facing threats from the spirits and the human world. Her cousin is also threatened by the same enemies that threaten the existence of Mrithuri. At one point, Drupada is kidnapped, but Sayeh comes to the rescue. While she is saved from the abduction, the victim sustains injuries from the struggle. Sayeh has to live with a broken leg and is also separated from her son as a result of the struggle and confusion with the kidnappers.

Survival of Mrithuri and his allies is only through the riddle of a Wizard of Messaline. The power from the wizard guarantees guidance to safety without hindrance from the spirit world.

Audiobook Review

Lotus Kingdoms Audiobook Series by Elizabeth Bear
Lotus Kingdoms Audiobook Series by Elizabeth Bear

The Stone in the Skull Audiobook Download begins on a slow note. The beginning is marked with an ice attack and ends with an assassination attempt for people in a city that is later captured. The author uses rough politics, underwater volcanoes as well as an interrogation to demonstrate the impact of nature on humanity.

The tension between love and duty among humans because of power is also demonstrated as the novel comes to an end. In most part of the end, the Range of Ghosts, there is an epic tradition that joins the successors of war through innovative ways. Companions form travel groups and customize weapons before embarking on long journeys away from the spiritual power jurisdictions. It is a walk of safety that works for most of the people.

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