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Wraith by Helen Harper

Wraith Audiobook Free Download and Listen by Helen Harper
Wraith Audiobook Free Download and Listen by Helen Harper

Wraith is a fantasy audiobook by Helen Harper. Fantasy mixed with paranormal activities is what makes this audiobook a unique thing and also a must-listen item for those who want to leave the real world of facts and figures for a moment and enjoy the world created by the pure imagination of the writer.

The magical land is full of fairies and other magical creatures then add to the whole scene.

Plot Summary

Saiya the wraith possesses the power to separate her shadow from her body with which she is able to do all the dirty work that is assigned to her by different clients.

She is a bit different from her other relatives or group members as she does not deal with the death though she has the power to deal with the dead but she is somehow never inclined to take her powers to that limit the climax is reached when Gabriel de Florinville an Elf with dark powers emerges at the scene.

The truth related to all the evil is revealed to Saiya and she comes to know about some secrets that should rather be kept hidden from us all the time.

Why should you listen to Wraith Audiobook right now?

Story: One of the best Superhero novels I’ve listened to in a long time. It’s a quick listen, the characters are compelling and interesting, the action is fast and furious, and the ending leaves you wanting to dive right into the next audiobook.

As an urban fantasy setting, this really works, particularly by wasting no time on a laborious backstory. There are goblins in Scotland. There are dark elves and they’re very rare.

The central plot of what’s happening to attract all these goblins to Stirling is an interesting one and progresses well throughout, and the relationship between Saiya and Gabriel is also interesting to a point.

Narration: Ruth Urquhart narrates in a high passion and makes the dark world livelier in front of our eyes with a forceful voice. The story also raises high passion and drama because of the element of adventure in it.

Spirit Witch: The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Magic, Book 3 – Helen Harper, Star Witch: The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Magic, Book 2 – Helen Harper are two other books by the same author of the same category with a lot of paranormal activities.

They also take place in the wonderland of Harper’s imaginations which means that fantasy is there all the time whenever we open the book for a quick glance.

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By: Helen Harper
Narrated by: Ruth Urquhart
Length: 9 hrs and 49 mins
Categories: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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