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All about A Tale of Two Cities Audiobook Free

A tale of two cities audiobook free download by Charles Dickens
A tale of two cities audiobook free download by Charles Dickens

Background of the author and narrator

A tale of two cities audiobook a romance audiobook based on the story of a French-English family during the French Revolution. At the time of great turmoil comes a tale of love as a big irony. This means there is a huge connection between emotion, and political intensity.

Dickens uses his prowess in suspense and irony to tell one of the best love stories. The narrator distinguishes the characters clearly using accents. There is no variety invoicing. They are effortlessly chosen and used to bring out a lively story from the past century. Charles Dickens chooses emotional variations in his account to build up a story with captivation so you can stay glued to the audiobook. The narrator carefully reveals these variations with a delicacy and precision. He succeeds, without fail to keep the audiobook unfolding. There is always something to look out for as it progresses. It grows more intimate with time as he connects with the listener’s heart and mind.

If you have read or listened to Dicken’s earlier works, you should already be aware that he has a high level of melodrama, which may be hard to take. The narrator seems to have grasped this to his heart to produce the entirety of Dickens’s mind.

Audiobook Plot Summary

We begin the story in a time of war. A love story in a time of war is not want to deal with as you begin to fear for the worst (a separation). After unfair imprisonment for 18 years, French Doctor Manette is released from Bastille jail in Paris to begin a journey to London. He hopes to find a daughter whom he has never met before. The Young Lucie Manette is a dutiful girl who has attracted the attention of two suitors.

After reuniting with her father whom she was led to believe was long dead, she is on the road to happiness. The bloodstained streets of Paris jeopardize the happiness and bring misery and the threat of La Guillotine.

Editorial Review

This audible exclusive reveals Charles Dickens’s wit in the irony of circumstances depicted in funny moments. Although it is a romantic story, A Tale of Two Cities Audiobook mp3 incorporates a lot of themes and styles you would expect only from a renowned writer such as Dickens. The driving narrative uses characters of the past to tell a story, which we relate to today. This story is a window to the past to fetch a satirical depiction of life as we would view it every day. Every Charles’s Dickens’s fans will love every bit of it because he gives his best short and delivers well again.

The story explores the role of social injustices during a time of war and the hard choices people make at critical times between darkness and light. You will notice Dickens’s personal circumstances and their impact on the story. His personal feuds are part of the building blocks of this plot


It is evident that Charles Dickens’s circumstances contributed to the production of A tale of two cities audiobook. His father was incarcerated forcing him to abandon his studies at a young age to work in a factory. Supporting himself was not easy, but becoming a writer of over 15 novels, and many short stories are even a bigger task to be appreciated.

Download and Listen

By: Charles Dickens
Narrated by: Martin Jarvis
Length: 14 hrs and 18 mins

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