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Star Wars: Red Harvest Audiobook Online Streaming

Star Wars Red Harvest Audiobook Free Download
Star Wars Red Harvest Audiobook Free Download

Red Harvest is an audiobook written by Joe Schreiber, and a prequel to his earlier work, Death Troopers. Now the horror continues in a whole new adventure bringing Sith and Jedi both face to face with the undead in the dark times of the Old Republic…

The era of the Old Republic is a dark and dangerous time, as Jedi Knights valiantly battle the Sith Lords and their ruthless armies. But the Sith have disturbing plans – and none more so than the fulfillment of Darth Scabrous’s fanatical dream, which is about to become a nightmarish reality.

Unlike those other Jedi sidelined to the Agricultural Corps – young Jedi whose abilities have not proved up to snuff – Hestizo Trace possesses one extraordinary Force talent: a gift with plants. Suddenly her quiet existence among greenhouse and garden specimens is violently destroyed by the arrival of an emissary from Darth Scabrous. For the rare black orchid that she has nurtured and bonded with is the final ingredient in an ancient Sith formula that promises to grant Darth Scabrous his greatest desire.

But at the heart of the formula is a never-before-seen virus that’s worse than fatal – it doesn’t just kill, it transforms. Now the rotting, ravenous dead are rising, driven by a bloodthirsty hunger for all things living – and commanded by a Sith Master with an insatiable lust for power and the ultimate prize: immortality… no matter the cost.

Narrator: The plant voice, for one thing, is something I think I couldn’t have gotten from just reading it myself. Also, John Glover’s natural reading voice seems to have some kind of horror feel to it, it just really fits with the subject matter. His voices and the sound effects really bring life to the terrifying daily happenings at the ancient Sith Academy as well.

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By: Joe Schreiber
Narrated by: John Glover
Series: Star Wars: Legends
Length: 7 hrs and 56 mins
Categories: Literature & Fiction, Action & Adventure

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